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Dinner this week: quesadillas, blackened catfish, and more

The lack of posts this week doesn’t mean we’ve been eating out every night. In fact, we haven’t eaten out on a weeknight in quite a while – go us! But Henry got a cold, which turned into a sinus-infection, which resisted his antibiotics, which turned into an ear infection, which led us to bring out the big-gun antibiotics, which he is currently taking. The illness gave him an impressive cough, which of course wakes him up around 4 am and keeps us up for at least an hour. Oh, I also caught his cold.

So all of that, on top of working, on top of Mason being gone most evenings because of tennis, means I’ve been kind of wiped. I’ve still been cooking though! My house may be a sty (you should see the pile of laundry on my couch), but by God we’ve eaten well.

I didn’t get pics of everything, but I’m still going to post a round-up of what I’ve made in the last week because it’s all good stuff. Above, you can see bbq chicken quesadillas. I shredded some chicken from a rotisserie and put it on top of a BonSavor wrap-sized whole wheat tortilla. I was out of shredded cheese, so I tore up some colby jack and put that on top of the chicken, and drizzled the whole thing with bbq sauce.

Folded the top and cooked for a few minutes on each side in a skillet coated with cooking spray, and voila. Quick, easy dinner. Fat-free refried beans made a great side. I really liked the BonSavor tortilla here – it cooked up nice and crisp, and it wasn’t mealy, like some whole wheat tortillas I’ve tried.

This meal made me think about a recipe for slow-cooker bbq beef quesadillas with mango I’d come across recently, so that is what I made the next night. And it was divine. You should check out the rest of the blog I just linked to, Can You Stay For Dinner?, especially her sidebar links about weight loss. She lost 135 lbs and has kept it off for several years, and her writing about weight and maintenance is beautiful.

We also had blackened catfish. Catfish was on sale again, so I wanted to do something different than the oven-fried version from the other night. I made a quick remoulade for dipping (the recipe is included in the link above) – this is a mayo-based Cajun sauce that I really love. Which is saying something, as you know how much I hate mayo. If you aren’t used to generous Cajun spices, you’ll want to at least halve the pepper in this recipe. If you’re one of those folks who thinks ketchup is spicy, cut it down more than that. I made grits in the rice cooker as a side.

I also made a version of this recipe for ground turkey with potatoes and spring peas, with several variations, and it was REALLY good. Absolutely a crowd-pleaser. I mean, it’s hard to go wrong with meat and potatoes. I used lean ground beef and diced red pepper instead of peas, and parsley instead of cilantro. Served the whole thing over quinoa for a bowl of starchy goodness. I actually made this two nights in a row. It was that good.

Finally, tonight we had Hebrew National 97% fat-free hot dogs with turkey chili and cheese, with baked chips on the side. I know low-fat hot dogs are anathema to hot-dog lovers, but I am not one of those people. I like hot dogs if they’re grilled, not boiled, but see them mainly as a vehicle for the chili and cheese.

This gets us all caught up on weeknight dinners. Here’s hoping Henry gets better and we all get more sleep in the coming nights.

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